SZ-FC4000 (Dual AC Temperature & Freecooling Controller)

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Main Features Dual AC controller with free & emergency cooling.
  AC fail alarm.
  Compressor fault sensing. (HP, LP)
  OverCurrent & Undercurrent sensing for compressor.
  Internal swapping to maintain equal run-hours.
  RS485/ RS232 connectivity (optional).
Input & Output 2 NTC for Ambient and Shelter temperature, 1 Humidity sensor
  Digital Inputs : HP, LP, UL, OL, MCB1, MCB2.
  Digital output : Fan1, Fan2, Compressor1, Compressor2, Damper1, Damper2, Ac1 fail alarm, Ac2 fail alarm, HT alarm.
Application For telecom shelters.
General Temperature Range : 0.0°C to 50.0°C.
Specification Input power supply 230VAC.
  Wall Mounted.