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The DMH series Liquid Line Filter Driers are designed

to protect the refrigerant system from liquid and solid

contaminants. They incorporate a specially formulated

desiccant blend of molecular sieves and activated alumina

providing very high mechanical strength, outstanding filtering

capability, high moisture, adsorption and acid removal. DMH

series is recommended for refrigeration, freezing, air-conditioning systems and for mobile refrigeration.

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Design Features:

Dry All DMH series filter drier has following features:

    1. Drier Body shape: The DMH series is made of one tube and two dish end These caps are welded together with mix gas welding technology for leak free joint and better fusion which gives DMH series Filter dries high working pressure and high burst pressure strength which is applicable for high pressure refrigerant like R - 410 A. [Max working pressure of 45 bar (653 PSIG) ]. This process of welding also gives the drier a neat look and free from weld splatter.

    1. Uniformly effective: Permeability and absorbency throughout the desiccant area as there is no bypassing of refrigerant. Micronics filtration in depth will remove and retain particles as small as ten microns.

    1. Filtration first for more effective use of desiccant surface area resulting in high water adsorption capacity, low moisture content in the refrigeration system, long term safety against damage caused by acid formation.

    1. Filtration is accomplished by the installation of thick fibre glass pad network at the inlet which has 40 micron filtration rate, holds more particles at lower pressure drop and also holds it from passing down stream to the desiccant bed and the system. 20 micron final filtration removes any remaining contamination for maximum protection.

    1. Compacted bead style (Spring Loaded) hermetic design in which blends of beads of molecular sieves and activated alumina in right percentage are held between two fiber glass pads and perforated plates with non woven fabric which are compressed by a steel spring for cushioned flow. This results in non turbulent performance which eliminates concern of additives stripping i.e. attrition through turbulence and also very low pressure drop.

    1. Desiccant: Molecular Sieves & Activated alumina of same size is mixed together in right proportion. Activated alumina content helps to obtain the maximum ability to remove acids and products of oil break down and molecular sieves for additional water capacity and retaining any moisture deep within the desiccant granules. Each has its own unique property, which helps to keep the system free of any impurities.

    1. Carefully Selected blend in right percentage of molecular sieves and activated alumina is approved for all CFC, HCFC and HFC refrigerant including R12,22, 123, 125, 134a, 401A, 401B, 402A, 402B, 404A, 407A/B/C, 408A, 409A, 410A, 410B, 500, 502, 507, 508, 509 etc., and lubricant combination i.e. Mineral oils, Alkyl-benzene (AB), Polyester Oil ( POE) and Polyalkylene Premium (PAG).

    1. Furnace Brazing of inlet & outlet connection to steel caps is done in controlled atmosphere avoiding oxidization and this gives very bright effect to all components. This is the most strongest and reliable joining method known which gives very high burst pressure strength.

    1. All internal and external components i.e. springs, perforated baffles, dish end, ERW tube are cleaned, degreased, coated and passivated for rust protection in a unique 9 tank cleaning process against harmful acids which are a common feature with these new gases.

    1. Leak Testing: 2 Stage leak testing is done with dry N2.
      1. After Mig welding process.
      2. After powder coating.

    1. Paint: Oven baked, corrosion resistant, epoxy powder coating done on rugged steel shells after unique blasting & pre-cleaning process, treating and drying for high salt spray rating of 1000 hrs and can be used in all environment and adverse conditions.

    1. SAE and Solid Copper Sweat fittings of pure copper available in standard sizes in all the models. High brazing strength between the drier and fitting end in ODF range helps to stand flame temperature while fixing into the system (Please follow the brazing instruction.)

    1. All SAE and ODS type DMH Driers are with Positive nitrogen pressure. This prevents moisture from entering the drier in storage and presence of pressure also confirms no leaks in particular piece at the time of fitting.

  1. DMH are tested for 653 PSIG (45 bar) safe working pressure and burst Pressure of 3262PSIG.